Jewelry for Aroma Therapy

Essential Oils can be used for aroma therapy, rubbing the oil onto the skin, and some can be ingested.

Oils have been used for thousands of years for healing and wellness and are all derived from plants.

Inhaling the aroma of essential oils can be a powerful way to affect memory, emotions, the physical body systems including: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, immune, nervous, and respiratory systems. Many people like to have the aroma of their favorite oil with them during the day.

To use, place 1-2 drops of oil on the black lava stone bead and use it as a personal difuser all day. The porous lava stone absorbs the oil and continues to provide aroma most of the day which is longer than if it is applied directly to your skin.

All oils that we use are certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils made from organically grown plants and processed immediately after harvest in order to retain all of the essential nutrients.

Bracelets are very convenient because it is easy to smell the aroma from the bead on your wrist.

Pendants on a chain or cord can be used as a necklace. Some are a locket with decorative air holes and the lava stone inside. Wire wrapped lava beads provide a smaller pendant.

There are small pendants available that can be attached to an existing necklace or bracelet.


Essential Oils for Jewelry


The following chart may be helpful in selecting which oil(s) are most helpful to you.There are many oils but this list consists of favorites. A small sample of oil is a gift to you for your purchase of a piece of jewelry for aroma therapy. Please indicate your preference of oil with your order.

Oils are also available for purchase at, wellness advocate  # 5250102.


                      Oils                                         Benefits

               Breathe                            Breathing Support

              Cypress                            Creativity
                                                           Cardiovascular System

              Lavender                         Calming - Relaxing
                                                           Centering - Balancing
                                                           Concentration - Focus
                                                           Reducing Stress

              Lemon                              Concentration - Focus
                                                           Energy - Vitality

             On Guard                        Immune Support

             Orange                             Joyfulness
                                                         Energy - Vitality
                                                         Cardiovascular System

            Peppermint                    Breathing Support
                                                         Concentration - Focus
                                                         Energy - Vitality

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