Jewelry Repairs



 Over time well-loved jewelry wears out and needs to be fixed. Many styles of jewelry can be cleaned up, repaired, and given new life. Jewelry is usually cleaned as it is repaired; resulting in it looking like new!

The repair can be re-stringing it to look as it did before or it could involve designing a new look with old materials.  Using professional jewelry supplies the repair will last a long time. We also do hand-knotting for pearls if requested and sewn repairs in beaded lace. Care is taken to match colors, textures, and vintage of the original.




 The pictures show an example of a broken necklace and the finished product. In this case the customer requested a total re-design.

Top photo shows the turquoise beads on a broken wire.

Bottom photo shows the completely re-designed necklace with earrings. Note the newly added antique silver beads were able to be matched to the pendant


Remember to consider fixing an old necklace if the thread breaks, if some of the beads get lost, if it doesn’t fit right, if the clasp doesn’t work or you want a different one.  Use the Contact Us page and send a picture so we can email or phone chat to establish an estimate.

The charge of repairs completed on any jewelry is based on the time involved and the cost of supplies. We are much less expensive than the big jewelry stores because we do not have a large overhead with a store front.

We usually use priority mail unless we are able to meet at shows.

Use the Contact Us page to make a request for repair.