About Our Products


Natural Materials from the Earth

Our jewelry is inspired by the colors and textures found in nature. The materials used include polished and shaped semiprecious stones, fresh water pearls, shells, tropical wood, bone, leather, glass, crystal, and metals.

    Wooden beads are mostly carved from tropical woods and are very lightweight to wear.

    The colors are natural; no dyed stones are used. 

        Glass and crystal are used in the jewelry for design effects and to lighten the overall weight of especially stone necklaces. Glass is made from sand which has been altered with heat and is therefore considered to be from the earth.


          Clasps for Necklaces, Bracelets, and Anklets

          Clasp Styles

          • Lobster Claw - The easy grip large clasp works with a spring and is placed in a loop of the 3-inch long extender chain. Measurement of the necklace is at the shortest attachment and can be worn up to 3 inches longer as needed. For example a 15 inch necklace can be short to wear above the clothing neckline in the summer and be able to be worn at up to 18 inches in the winter to fit over winter clothing. The lobster claw is used for most necklaces.
          • Spring Ring - Similar to the lobster claw; usually used with anklets.
          • Toggle - Usually used with bracelets because they are easier to fasten with one hand. When used for a necklace there is no extender for length adjustment.
          • Hook and loop - Easy to use, improves independence, especially when clasps are a challenge; there is no extender for length adjustment.


Clasp Metal Options

           Clasp Metals

 are usually chosen for the color to be harmonious with the piece. 

Customers may select a color or metal that suits them when creating a custom order.

 Please let me know if you have any allergies to certain metals.


          • Sterling silver - is hypoallergenic and used in most necklaces.

          • Silver or antique silver over brass - are used mostly for bracelets and anklets because they are stronger than sterling or gold filled.


          • Gold filled over sterling - is hypoallergenic and used mostly in necklaces.

          • Gold plated or antique gold over brass - are used mostly for bracelets and anklets because they are stronger than sterling or gold filled over sterling.



          • Copper - is used in both necklaces and earrings.
          • Antique copper - is used in necklaces and bracelets.



          • Strung - Most necklaces are strung on 49-strand nylon coated professional jewelry wire. This provides strength and flexibility without kinking.      
          • Knotted  - Necklaces that are knotted require the use of silk or nylon thread that is knotted between each bead.
          • Lariat  - A necklace without a clasp is made with nylon thread, cord, or leather thong.
          • Beaded Lace - The lace is intricately made with small beads sewn in patterns with very fine nylon thread. One 16 inch necklace requires about 5 yards of thread to complete. 


          Full Moon -The stone/shell pattern covers the entire length of the necklace. 

          Half Moon - The pattern covers half to three quarters of the necklace length with delicate small beads toward the back of the neck for a lighter look.    

          Quarter Moon - The pattern covers about a quarter of the necklace length with the center being the focal point and the delicate beads carry the theme.  

          Pendant -    A pendant is not sold by itself, but it could be a part of the design of your necklace and some necklaces are a pendant with small beads covering the wire.    


          Bracelet  Measurements

          • Please indicate the length of a bracelet that fits well.
          • Also, please measure your wrist/ankle where you will wear the bracelet/anklet to help me create the right length for you.
          Bracelet   -       Approximate length          Length of your bracelet          Wrist circumference



          Anklet   -          Approximate length          Length of your anklet            Ankle Circumference

          Earring Details


          • Pin - The earring has a straight dangle drop. 
          • Hinged-pin - The earring has two pins connected making a hinge for added length and movement. 
          • Sewn - Very fine nylon thread is used for more fragile or small-holed beads which makes a flexible dangle drop.  

          • Hoop - Handmade wire hoops are made with sterling wire that is coated and colored to resist tarnishing.
          • Loop  - The design is made with flexible jewelry wire (same as used for necklaces) and formed into a loop with a short beaded drop at the top.

          Drop Length 

          This is the length of the earring drop from the ear wire attachment to the bottom of the earring.


          Earring Wires

          • Earring wires can be changed to suit your needs.
          • Earring wires are usually “fish hook” style unless otherwise requested.

          Options for Earring Wires:

          •  Fishhook  - It is easy to push through the ear piercing. Some people use a stop to keep earring from coming out of the ear   
          • Kidney  - The kidney shaped wire goes through ear and the end is clasped behind a hook; once in place it will not come off.   
          • Lever back  - This wire has a hinge with a lever behind the ear that attaches to the portion that goes through the ear.   
          • Stud  - This style requires some decoration on the ear as it pushes straight through the ear with a stop placed on the back to hold it on; a dangle may be attached . 
          • Non-pierced - This is an earring wire for those without piercing. The tension is adjustable and it has a hinge for easy application.
                     Fish Hook         Kidney wire         Lever back          Post (ear stud)  
                                         Non-pierced hinged screw-back clip 


          Standard metal for ear wires:

          • Silver plated over stainless steel - hypoallergenic (no nickel)
          • Gold filled over stainless steel - hypoallergenic (no nickel)
          • Copper and antique copper (tends to be hypoallergenic)

          Other Options for Earring Wire Metal:

          • Niobium -gold color (other colors available)- hypoallergenic
          • Stainless steel with electro-phoretic coating - gold colored  (no nickel)  
          •  Niobium - silver colored - hypoallergenic 
          • Stainless steel with electro-phoretic coating - silver colored (no nickel)  

          Colors for orders made with glass beads

          Jewelry pieces made with glass beads include:

, Bracelets, 
Glasses Holders, 
Lariat necklace, and 
extra long necklace that can be put over the head and wrapped twice or hang long.

          • Please select the primary and secondary color range for your piece.
          • A texture of different shades and sizes of beads will be created.
            •  You could choose one to three basic colors.
            • Please indicate which color should be predominate.


            • Red-purple (fuchsia/raspberry)
            • Purple
            • Blue-purple (lavender)
            • Blue, Medium - Dark
            • Blue, light
            • Green-blue (blue teal)
            • Aqua/turquoise
            • Blue-Green (green teal)
            • Blue-green Iris
            • Green - woodland
            • Green - olive
            • Yellow-green
            • Yellow - light
            • Yellow- amber
            • Peach
            • Orange
            • Pink
            • Red
            • Brown - dark
            • Brown - tan
            • Black
            • White
            • Ivory