Covid 19

You can feel safe with our jewelry!

All jewelry is handmade in the studio by the artist, Margie Rosenberg. Each piece is cleaned with a jewelry cleaner, dried, and packed in new jewelry boxes and mailing envelopes or boxes. There has been no illness of any kind in our home or entering the studio. Rest assured we are taking precautions with everything that comes into the house to avoid any contamination. Everything is cleaned with special cleaner and shipping boxes are left outside. If you have any concerns, email your questions on the contact form.


Orders are shipped out in one - two weeks.

Jewelry is shipped by USPS Priority in the US and costs approximately $10. Outside the US will be determined by shipping services used.


Custom Orders

Custom Orders may take two - three weeks due to design time and availability of materials.

Custom Orders require a minimum deposit of 50% of the estimate be made prior to beginning of work on the project.

It is understood that the cost may be slightly different than the estimate because of variables of time and materials.

Final payment will be due prior to mailing the item.



Evaluation of the project is for free.

If it is accepted, a rough estimate of the cost to complete the project will be made based on additional materials needed and the time estimated to complete the project.

Fifty percent of the estimate is required before work will begin.

It is understood that the balance is due before the item will be sent to the customer.

Repairs include cleaning to enable it to "look like new!"


 My goal is to have happy and cared for customers.  If you are not satisfied with your order you may email us at Contact Us.  Please indicate:

The date of purchase
Your name
What piece you are questioning
What your concern is

I will do what I am able to do to fix, alter, or exchange so you are happy with your product.

Please wait for an authorization from our office before sending anything back. Expect return communication within a week.

Returns must be in original condition and completed within 1 month of purchase.

Once the return is received a refund will be made which may take up to a week  to process.