Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcome!

There are many possibilities to add a personal touch to your jewelry.

Some examples are:

  • Using same design as one you see but wanting the piece longer.
  • Using the same stone but with a different arrangement.
  • Make a totally new design with 2 different stones together.
  • Using the same design as one you see but choosing a different clasp.
  • Adding earrings and/or bracelet to make a set.


The image below is a 24 inch long hand-knotted fresh water pearl necklace with graduated size and peach tone pearl.

General Information

The natural stones used in our jewelry are all unique; another necklace with the same design and same kind of stones will always look a little different due to the individual markings and shapes of the natural stones.

Same design but longer necklace would have a price adjustment based on the length and cost of materials.

Using different clasp or ear wires will have a price adjustment based on metal and style.

Bracelets and Anklets come in small, medium, and large lengths. Compare our chart with an article you already wear and indicate the measurement of your wrist or ankle.

Refer to About Our Products page for a description of clasps, bracelet and anklet lengths and color selections.

Use the form below to place an order and send it to us. After considering your request we will respond with a cost estimate.

Custom order form

Anklet/Glasses holder